Knowledge Development Box (Certification of Inventions) Act 2017 comes into force and now extends to SMEs

Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor has announced the commencement of an Act for a certification scheme aimed at inventions developed by SMEs. The scheme comes within the Knowledge Development Box initiative announced in the Finance Act, 2015.

Announcing the scheme the Minister said “this is a good day for innovative SMEs involved in research and development that results in valuable Intellectual Property (IP) assets”.

Under the scheme, SMEs can apply to the Controller of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks for a certificate where they believe that their IP generated as a result of R&D is novel, non-obvious and useful. If granted, the certificate will allow the SME to apply the lower rate of corporation tax of 6.25% to profits arising from the intellectual property assets.

Evidence shows that investment in R&D increases economic productivity and fosters competitiveness and that firms with a persistent R&D strategy outperform those with an irregular or no R&D investment program.

Welcoming the scheme the Minister said “R&D can be very expensive and time consuming and not all R&D is successful. SMEs that invest in R&D will now be able to benefit from the lower rate of corporation tax if their IP meets the criteria of being novel, non-obvious and useful. I expect that the extension of the KDB to Irish SMEs will incentivise greater levels of R&D within the indigenous sector and that with greater levels of R&D, increased job creation will follow which is a key priority of mine.”

Welcoming the scheme, the Minister for Employment and Small Business, Mr Pat Breen TD, said “it places SMEs on a par with larger companies by making them for eligible for a lower rate of corporation tax on profits from their IP assets. I welcome this additional support and anticipate that it will encourage our indigenous SMEs to be more creative.

The Minister for Training, Skills and Innovation, John Halligan TD, said “Promoting innovation is a key focus for me in my role as Minister for Innovation and I believe this Act offers SMEs valuable opportunities to invest in greater levels of R&D”.

Pitney Bowes Invests in Dublin Creating 100 Jobs

Pitney Bowes Inc., a global technology company, has today announced plans to open a new Operations Centre in Dublin that will house a three-year multi-million euro R&D project focused on developing a next generation e-commerce and payments platform for global brands.

The new Operations Centre will comprise a Client Support Centre and Research & Design Centre, creating approximately 100 new jobs for technical support, customer support and e-commerce R&D professionals in the region over the next few years.

As global commerce continues to grow, the platform being developed at the Research & Design Centre in Dublin will create opportunities for merchants to reach consumers around the world and expand into new markets at speed.

The Client Support Centre is part of Pitney Bowes’ global strategy to deliver its clients the best support as more organisations, including 90 per cent of the Fortune 500, rely on its solutions and services to power global commerce. The technical support and customer support professionals will serve clients located in the UK, Ireland and Nordic regions.

Pitney Bowes’ investment in Dublin is supported by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation through IDA Ireland. Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell O’Connor said, “I’m delighted that Pitney Bowes are opening a new Operations Centre which will create 100 new jobs and are investing in a high value strategic R&D project. We in Government are working to make Ireland an attractive destination for global technology companies such as Pitney Bowes. Our economy is an open and business friendly one with a minimum of administrative hurdles. We strive to ensure that we have the requisite skills available to meet the needs of industry and this is paying off. I wish Pitney Bowes every success with their Client Support Centre and their R&D project.”

“Dublin’s rich mix of client services talent and language skills, combined with the excellent support that we’ve received from IDA Ireland make it a great place for us to locate our client support operation as well as our innovation team,” said Audrey Lynch, Director of Client Operations for Europe at Pitney Bowes Inc. “Our clients turn to us around the clock to power billions of transactions globally, and ensuring they receive the best account and technical support is a strategic priority for us. This new facility will help us deliver on our promise to clients in the UK, Ireland and Nordics.”

Martin Shanahan, CEO of IDA Ireland said: “Ireland’s diverse multilingual talent pool and pro-business infrastructure make Ireland the ideal destination for companies like Pitney Bowes. I am delighted that they have chosen to establish both a customer support centre and a high value R&D project in Ireland. I wish the company every success and offer the continued support of IDA Ireland in the future.”

Pitney Bowes currently operates in Dublin a Global Ecommerce centre, supporting cross-border retail for many of the world’s most iconic retailers and brands. The new Pitney Bowes Client Support Centre team will be located alongside their Global Ecommerce colleagues in Fitzwilliam Square West, Dublin and builds on the company’s continued investment in the region.

In 2016 Ireland’s economy grew by 5.2 per cent, outstripping all other Eurozone countries and nearly all official forecasts. A growing number of multinational companies are continuing to choose the region as a base for locating either their European hubs or regional customer support facilities.

Clonkeen College

I am vehemently opposed to Christian Brothers’ plan to sell off the majority of the playing fields site at Clonkeen College to a developer.

In the past fortnight, I have met with the School Principal and Deputy Principal to discuss the situation. Following those discussions, I wrote to Brother Garvey and to Minister Bruton seeking a resolution. I have received a response from Brother Garvey and have passed that on to the Chairman of the Board of Management. I also requested a meeting with Brother Garvey but he has yet to respond to that request. This morning, along with Cllr. Patricia Stewart and my Special Adviser, I met with members of the Board of Management and advised them that they should urgently seek legal representation.

Clonkeen College has a long history of using these fields and, under the principle of promissory estoppel, they have an understanding that they can continue to use this land in this way into the future. There has been significant investment on the site, both on the school building but also the recently concluded drainage, seeding and fencing of the playing fields themselves. This investment needs to be protected.

These playing fields are absolutely irreplaceable in the locality. There are no alternatives; the fields are a significant public amenity as well as being vital to the wellbeing and fitness of the school students, and a key resource for their physical education. The school community and the community of the greater area would be adversely affected if this land was to be sold.

The Christian Brothers justify the sale of the lands by saying the money is needed to make their outstanding payment to redress scheme. Why these lands? Why penalise the children of Clonkeen College, current and future to pay for the sins of members of the Christian Brothers congregation in the past? It is unacceptable.

I will continue to work with the school and the Minister for Education and Skills to explore every avenue to protect these pitches.



Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor welcomes continuing strong growth in employment

Almost 70,000 more people at work since this time last year

More than 3 out of every 4 new jobs created were outside Dublin

Unemployment falling in all regions

23rd May 2017

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor today (Tuesday) welcomed the latest Quarterly National Household Survey figures from the Central Statistics Office, showing that employment continues to increase strongly with 69,600 more people employed at the end of Q1 2017.

Importantly, there has been strong growth in the number of people full time employed while part time employment continues to fall.

The figures also show that there are now 2,063,900 people at work in Ireland.
This is the 19th quarter in succession where unemployment has declined.

The figures from the CSO today also show that unemployment continues to fall in all regions.

Employment grew in 11 out of 14 economic sectors – the largest annual increases were recorded in the industry sector (increase of 15,300 jobs), construction (increase of 10,900 jobs), and accommodation and food services (increase of 9,900 jobs)

Speaking today, Minister Mary Mitchell O’ Connor said: These figures are very positive and show that we are heading in the right direction towards full employment. The figures show that businesses right across the country are employing and that Government policies are working. It is very important for me to see the growth in employment is broad based, both sectorally and regionally. This is a key priority for me as every job that is created is transforming people’s lives.

Mary Mitchell O’Connor Statement on Fine Gael Leadership

With Minister Varadkar in 2016 as we announced that the live register had dropped below 300,000 for the first time since the economic crash.

The last Government, Enda Kenny’s Government, did phenomenal work for this country. It pulled us back from the brink of calamity. It regained sovereignty for this Republic, ended once again the scourge of forced youth emigration and it acted on social issues that had been ignored, feared and disregarded by previous administrations.

Now we need to build on, march on and improve because significant challenges remain.

Challenges at home and abroad, economically and socially. We need new, renewed leadership to deal with these challenges. Leadership that is energetic and inspiring.

Leadership that can protect and promote our interests on the international stage, that can ensure we continue to guard the economic gains we have made in the last seven years and that has the vision to continue to transform Ireland into a modern, progressive European state.

I said yesterday that the upcoming contest needs to be about which candidate can provide us with a 21st century version of the Just Society.

I believe that person is Leo Varadkar.

He has proven he can lead, not just manage. He has proven he has the skill to communicate a vision to the public, the capacity to make bold decisions and the political courage to tell people what they need, not necessarily just what they want to hear.

He is man of integrity, of ability, of passion and of steel. He is a man who is guided by strong principles. That work should be rewarded, that opportunity should be equal and that big ideas are required to deal with big problems.

He is right person to lead this party, and more importantly, this country

From 2011 to today, Enda Kenny led governments that, to paraphrase Leo Varadkar, succeeded in keeping our flag flying.

Now it’s time for the next generation of leadership to not only keep that flag flying, but define what it is flying for.


Minister Mitchell O’Connor visits Flow Technology on Trade and Investment Mission in Ireland

With executives from Flow Technology and Enterprise Ireland

Thursday 18 May

As part of the two-day Enterprise Ireland / IDA Trade & Investment Mission in Ireland event, the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD visited Flow Technology at their facility in Charleville, Co. Cork on 17 May.

The company, set up 40 years ago by the current owner’s father, Denis Murphy, is now one of Ireland’s leading process systems and equipment manufacturers, servicing the biotechnology, beverage and food industries in Ireland and Europe.

Key to its expansion over the years was a strategic decision to diversify into servicing Ireland’s multinational owned bio-pharmaceutical base, a move now supported by the joint Enterprise Ireland / IDA Global Sourcing initiative. The result is that the company has doubled its turnover in the last two years and increased its employment to 50 people. With further growth anticipated in the FDI & Indigenous sectors, the company plans further expansion & investment in its facilities in Charleville and expects additional growth in employment in the 2018-2020 period.

During her visit to Flow Technology, Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD said: “Flow Technology is a prime example of the world class supplier base that Ireland now offers the ever-increasing multinational Life Sciences sector. Flow Technology are an ambitious and growing company which provide employment and make a difference to the lives of people right here in Charleville. I want to congratulate Tim and his highly skilled workforce on their success and wish them well in the future”.

Flow Technology provides GMP solutions constructed on client sites or as pre-fabricated skid modules from its Charleville facilities including: –
• Clean In Place
• Chromatography
• Depth / Ultra / Nano Filtration
• High Temperature Short Time heat treatment
• Disposable systems
• Temperature Control Modules
• Transfer Panels
• Bio-waste Deactivation
• Buffer Dilution
• Purified Water Distribution

CEO Tim Murphy, who joined the company in 1993 having worked overseas for several years, said “The company’s high level of repeat business is due to our employee’s track record for technical excellence and quality of service, with these same values being instilled into newly recruited graduate engineers & apprentices, we aim for continued growth & success. As a regional indigenous Irish owned company, we thank Enterprise Ireland for their support to date. We look forward to continued support from Enterprise Ireland as the business grows, assisting with introduction of the Irish supplier base to new FDI arrivals & also from a government which prioritises infrastructural development to support regional business”.

The joint Enterprise Ireland / IDA Global Sourcing Initiative was established as part of the Irish Government’s Action Plan for Jobs strategy with the aim of increasing the level of engagement between IDA backed multinational companies based in Ireland and Irish suppliers.
The goal is that by working together on this agenda that the agencies, with the support of key industry players, can assist multinational procurement teams meet their sourcing needs while deepening the penetration by Irish companies of the multinational sector.

Mary Mitchell O’Connor Statement on Fine Gael Leadership

Enda Kenny has been a phenomenal Fine Gael leader, Taoiseach, politician and parliamentarian.

He was one of the few, indeed maybe the only, politician who had the drive, the skillset and the courage to step up and do the work needed to secure our state. When needed most, he showed stamina, strength and conviction.

The right person, for the right job, at the right time. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

And like the great men he succeeded, men like FitzGerald, Bruton and most aptly Cosgrave, he will be remembered and respected by history.

His legacy is secure. A legacy of a man who never had, nor sought, universal popular approval but who showed political integrity and unwavering fortitude.

When Enda Kenny took office, Ireland’s unemployment rate was at 15%. We were locked out of international markets with bond yields at 14%.

Our republic was crumbling, our young people were emigrating and our sovereignty was at risk.

Now our unemployment rate is at 6.2% and we are beginning to look up once more.

He has been a remarkable public servant and leaves behind an enviable record.

Now, as both Fine Gael and Ireland move into a new stage, we require new leadership.

We need a bold new vision for Ireland. We have moved out of a crisis but we need to know where we are moving to. Significant challenges remain and we need leadership that provides us with a guiding principle to meet those challenges.

We need a country that rewards work and effort. That respects small business, that is attractive to foreign investment, both economically and culturally, and that protects and defends the dignity of its citizens.

And in globally uncertain times we need leadership that will place Ireland on the right side of history.
Another leader to continue to defend equality, openness and progress on the world stage.

I believe that Fine Gael contains the talent, throughout, to provide that leadership.

The upcoming Fine Gael leadership contest needs to be about who best embodies the attributes and values that Fine Gael stands for. Who can continue our economic progress, in the right way. And who can continue our social progression.

It’s about which candidate can provide us with a 21st century Just Society.

The candidate whose vision for the country best matches my own, the candidate who can not only manage but can lead, will get my support in the upcoming election.

From 2011 to today, Enda Kenny led governments that brought us stability and growth. They repaired and remade the foundations of our state.

Now it’s time for the next generation of leadership to build on his efforts and create a lasting, sustainable, just society.

Aspire Technology announces 150 new jobs in Dublin

Aspire Technology, an independent, Irish-owned and managed ICT company today (Friday, 12 May 2017) announced 150 new jobs at their Irish headquarters in Sandyford, County Dublin. Founded in 2010, Aspire Technology delivers end-to-end mobile network lifecycle professional services and product solutions to the world’s leading telecommunications, equipment and software providers.

The new positions, which are supported by the Department of Jobs through Enterprise Ireland, cover a broad spectrum of ICT and mobile telecommunications technologies and competencies. The roles include software developers, network engineers, design specialists and project managers at both experienced and graduate levels. Recruitment of the new positions is starting immediately including an extensive graduate recruitment programme.

As part of the expansion, Aspire Technology will be adding to their existing headquarters in Sandyford where they will build a state-of-the-art Network Support Centre. The new centre will serve over 16 million mobile customers across 32 markets during 2017. Plans are already in place to grow this facility to manage over 50 million mobile customers.

Announcing the new jobs, Bill Walsh, CEO and Founder of Aspire Technology said: “Aspire Technology’s growth is based on our world-class people whose deep expertise, allied with the innovative and entrepreneurial culture within the company, has resulted in a significant increase in demand for our solutions. We are thrilled that we are doubling our team in 2017. We have amazing opportunities for ambitious candidates who love working with people and technology. Our culture is built on developing and supporting our teams to deliver exceptional expertise to our international blue-chip customers. This culture is reflected in our high levels of employee satisfaction and we are proud to be known in the industry as having an exceptionally high employee retention ratio.”

Welcoming the announcement, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD, said: “Today’s announcement that Aspire Technology, an indigenous company, is creating 150 new high-tech, professional jobs in Dublin is exciting and very welcome. It is testament to the vision and hard work of everyone in Aspire Technology that the company has grown from a small start-up into a highly innovative and successful company. The Government through Enterprise Ireland looks forward to continued engagement with Aspire Technology as they scale their business in international markets. I wish Bill and all the team at Aspire continued success for the future.”

Kevin Sherry, Executive Director, Enterprise Ireland concluded: “Enterprise Ireland’s mission is to partner with innovative Irish businesses with the drive and ambition to scale internationally. Aspire Technology is a great example of an indigenous Irish ICT company with global ambition, competing and winning against strong competition in international markets. This expansion is testament to the ambition and capabilities of the company. Enterprise Ireland has been working with Aspire Technology since its establishment in 2010, and we are proud to be backing this exciting new phase in its development with support for 150 new highly-skilled jobs at their headquarters in Dublin.”

Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor attends Foreign Affairs Council – Trade, Brussels

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, Mary Mitchell O’Connor T.D. will today (Thursday 11th May) attend, the Foreign Affairs Council – Trade in Brussels. The Minister will discuss at Council preparations for the 11th World Trade Organisation Ministerial Conference, implementation of Free Trade Agreements, an update on preparations for the opening of new trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand and an update on ongoing trade negotiations with Japan, Mexico and Mercosur.

Speaking at the Council today the Minister said that “promoting trade and diversifying into new markets is critical for Ireland .Today we will be working on progressing the EUs ambitious trade negotiations. These new trade agreements will create real opportunities for Irish business and will support our firms in realising their trade diversification strategies which are all the more important in light of brexit.”

The Minister will also hold a bilateral meeting with Ms. Ann Linde, Swedish Minister for EU Affairs and Trade as part of her ongoing programme of engagements with EU counterparts on the trade, enterprise and Brexit agenda.

Minister Mitchell O’Connor will also continue her ongoing dialogue with Lord Price, UK Minister of State for Trade Policy, on the importance of the Ireland / UK trade and economic relationship. The Minister will once again point out the significance of the impact of the UK exit from the EU on Ireland and reiterate the unique nature of the Irish /UK relationship.

Minister Mitchell O’Connor announces publication of submissions to public consultation on resale of tickets for entertainment and sporting events

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell O’Connor, today announced the publication of the responses received by her Department to the recent public consultation on the resale of tickets for entertainment and sporting events. The 24 responses can be accessed on the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation website at

Announcing the publication, the Minister said –
I would like to thank the individuals, sporting organisations, promoters, primary and secondary ticketing service providers and others who took the time and trouble to respond to the consultation. Their responses contain a considerable amount of interesting and informative material about the organisation of major entertainment and sporting events and the operation of the primary and secondary markets for such events. They cover a range of different views on the matters at issue and put forward a range of different, and in some cases conflicting solutions, as to what might be done to help ensure that ticket markets would work better for music and sports fans in the future.

I would encourage everyone with an interest in the issue to read and reflect on the responses to the consultation. Before decisions are taken on a complex issue with a number of different dimensions, it is important that we have the fullest possible understanding of the issues and interests at stake and the widest possible debate on the policy measures that should be adopted.’

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mary Mitchell O’Connor T.D., the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross T.D., and the Minister for Tourism and Sport, Patrick O’Donovan T.D., launched the public consultation on the resale of tickets for entertainment and sporting events on 20 January 2017.

The consultation was undertaken in response to public concern at the resale of tickets for major entertainment and sporting events at a price often well in excess of their face value. The consultation paper looked in detail at a number of relevant aspects of ticket resale, including –
§ the workings of the primary and secondary ticket markets for entertainment and sporting events,
§ how tickets sold or allocated through the primary ticket market end up for resale on the secondary ticket market and who puts them for resale,
§ the legislation regulating ticket resale in Ireland, other EU member states, the US and other countries, and
§ what different stakeholders do, or do not do, to address the issues and concerns raised by ticket resale.

The consultation paper sought the inputs and views of interested parties on possible measures aimed at securing fairer access to tickets for consumers. A total of 24 responses have been received to the consultation, including submissions from sporting organisations, promoters and primary and secondary ticketing services providers.