Mary Mitchell O’Connor on: Older People

A Guide for Older People
Information on Entitlements and Supports

Mary Mitchell O'Connor Guide for Older People
We will complete and implement the National Positive Ageing Strategy so that older people are

recognised, supported and enabled to live independent full lives.

Local Authorities will be required to establish Older People councils, where members of the

community can raise local concerns or issues of importance.

We will support older people in living in their own homes and communities for as long as they

wish and will facilitate this by ensuring that the eligibility criteria for the home help and the Home

Care Package Scheme are applied consistently. We will also develop and implement national

standards for home support services which are subject to inspection by the Health Information and

Quality Authority.

We will reform the pension system to progressively achieve universal coverage, with particular

focus on lower-paid workers, to achieve better risk sharing, and to provide for greater flexibility

for those who wish to retire on a phased basis.


You may find this County Council information on Grants – click here – useful.  It covers:

- Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability

- Housing Aid for Older People

- Mobility Aids Housing Grant


Speech on the Free Travel Scheme: 8th July 2014

It must be difficult for Fianna Fail to see all the attention other parties are getting at the moment, but it is a step too far for them trying to get some attention by creating a row about something that is not even a problem- a ball of smoke.

But what I strongly object to is that fact that they are trying to get attention by scaring older people -  pretending there is a threat to the free travel scheme.

There is no threat to the travel pass. This has been stated categorically by a number of senior Ministers. Fianna Fail appear to have missed that.

Fianna Fail has been no friend to the elderly and when Fianna Fail was in power they cut: pensions; carer’s and disability allowances. Fianna Fail did a lot more damage that affected all of us, not just the elderly.

I have worked with older people in my constituency and understand their needs. What they don’t need is Fianna Fail scaremongering about their travel passes being taken away. I want to help make Ireland the best country in the world to grow old in –(Age Action)

I agree with the UN principals for Older People. Which states:

That older people should have access to a full range of services for their basic needs, to work and study as long as they can and to be able to live active lives, to live in their own homes safely as long as they can.

That older people should remain integrated and participate in society and continue to develop themselves through education and training.

That older people should be able to live in dignity and security.

Older people need their dignity and independence and the travel pass is very important to help maintain this.

Older people use their travel pass to visit family and friends, shop, attend medical appointments. I know many of them use the travel pass to go on a day out or a short break.  Some of them use it to go to work.

Fine Gael understands this and will maintain the travel pass.

I want to reassure older people that this is not under threat and to please forgive Fianna Fail for trying to use this issue to get some attention for themselves.


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