A Guide for Older People -
Information on Entitlements and Supports

Mary Mitchell O'Connor Guide for Older People
Mary Mitchell O’Connor on:

Older People


We will complete and implement the National Positive Ageing Strategy so that older people are

recognised, supported and enabled to live independent full lives.

Local Authorities will be required to establish Older People councils, where members of the

community can raise local concerns or issues of importance.

We will support older people in living in their own homes and communities for as long as they

wish and will facilitate this by ensuring that the eligibility criteria for the home help and the Home

Care Package Scheme are applied consistently. We will also develop and implement national

standards for home support services which are subject to inspection by the Health Information and

Quality Authority.

We will reform the pension system to progressively achieve universal coverage, with particular

focus on lower-paid workers, to achieve better risk sharing, and to provide for greater flexibility

for those who wish to retire on a phased basis.


You may find this County Council information on Grants – click here – useful.  It covers:

- Housing Adaptation Grant for People with a Disability

- Housing Aid for Older People

- Mobility Aids Housing Grant