Mary Michell O’Connor’s Vision for Education:


Mary firmly believes that Pre-School Education is of prime importance for the educational development of the child, and staff must have adequate and appropriate training. Appropriate resources for children with special/additional needs is of paramount importance. This includes Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy and other educational therapies deemed suitable for the individual child.

High quality teaching and high quality learning is a central part of a successful primary/secondary school, where children and students’ confidence, self esteem and intrinsic talents are nurtured and developed. Schools should be a happy, safe and holistic environment. The curriculum should be wide and varied including Languages, the Arts, Sciences, Technology Subjects and Physical and Health Education to cater for the students’ future careers and livelihoods, their interests, talents and health.

Every child / student has a right to receive a quality education without fear of bullying or cyberbullying.

Third Level Education , Further Education, Apprenticeships and Life Long Learning are requisites for a quality education system which will benefit the individual careers and life experiences of students.






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