Minister Mitchell O Connor meets her equivalent in Oman and they discuss Ireland’s Technological Universities

Minister Mitchell O’Connor is currently in the Middle East and has met with Her Excellency Dr. Rawya Saud Al Busaidi in the Department of Higher Education in Oman.

Ireland has over 500 Omani students.

Dr. Rawya Saud Al Busaidi asked Minister Mitchell O’Connor for her advice on setting up Technological Universities and how could Oman benefit from Ireland’s recent experience.

Oman would like to mirror what Ireland has just done by combining their Colleges of Applied Sciences and their technological universities to make institutions that would help the Department of Higher Education identify and fill their skills shortages.

Dr. Rawya Saud Al Busaidi is planning a reconnaissance trip to Ireland in May and has asked the Minister for a further meeting while she is in Ireland to discuss Technological Universities in greater detail.

She would also like to visit some of the proposed locations while in Ireland.

Minister Mitchell O’Connor shared in detail the Department of Education and Skills’ Action Plan for Education.

Dr. Rawya Saud Al Busaidi was also very interested in the National Training Fund levy and how industry has helped fund Higher Education.

The Department of Higher Education in Oman sponsors 50 medical students who study in Ireland.

Pictured with Minister Mitchell O’Connor are (left to right) Ambassador Tony Cottor, Omani Minister for Higher Education, Dr. Rawya Saud Al Busaidi and a Senior Official of the Omani Minister.