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Suitable, unemployed people should be first in line for polling day and count centre jobs

Fine Gael Dun Laoghaire Deputy, Mary Mitchell O’Connor, has seconded the Minister for the Environment’s call for consideration to be given to employing those currently out of work on polling day, May 31st, and subsequently in count centres throughout the country.

“While the efficient conduct of polls and the count is paramount where the Stability Treaty Referendum, and all referenda, are concerned, local returning officers and sheriffs should pay particular heed to employing suitably skilled and experienced unemployed people for count centre and polling pay posts.

“Nothing is more important now than bringing back jobs and growth to our economy and a Yes vote on the Stability Treaty will help to build a working Ireland. It will ensure that all countries adhere to sensible budgetary rules and what is essentially ‘good housekeeping’ and will also ensure that we have access to the European Stability Mechanism, a funding backstop, should we need it in the future. This will instil confidence in foreign investors who are looking at Ireland as a place to invest and will encourage them to develop or expand operations here, creating much needed jobs.

“Those who are currently out of work are in a difficult place. While the Government has stemmed the flow of unemployment, we still recognise that the jobless figures are too high. That is why we are calling for a Yes vote on 31st May, as a Yes vote will sustain the conditions we need to protect the jobs we have and create the jobs we need.

“I am asking all those who are responsible for recruitment on polling day and subsequently in count centres in every constituencies to employ those out of work where at all possible.”

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