Education Bill to reform schools admission

Fine Gael TD for Dún Laoghaire and former teacher, Mary Mitchell O’Connor has welcomed the news that the Education (Admission to School) Bill and the Teaching Council (Amendment) Bill will be published during the course of the coming Dáil term.

“I am very pleased to see that this term we will see the publication of the Education (Admission to School) Bill and the Teaching Council (Amendment) Bill.

“The Education (Admission to School) Bill will make the admissions process more inclusive and equitable and it will ensure that the way schools decide on applications is structured, fair and transparent. The framework also proposes a mechanism for ensuring that every child receives a school place.

“As a teacher, I have experienced first-hand the stress parents suffer trying to ensure that their children get a place in schools. It is often felt that admissions were unfair and lacked clarity. This Bill will address these concerns and make the situation fairer for all.

“The Teaching Council (Amendment) Bill will underpin the central role of the Teaching Council in the vetting of teachers and it will strengthen the statutory basis for the Teaching Council to deal with a teacher’s suitability for registration under the fitness to teach provisions.

“The Teaching Council carries out a vital role in vetting our teachers to ensure that the best teachers are in our schools and that our children are receiving the best instruction.

“These changes will make a real difference to parents, to teachers and most importantly to pupils.”

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